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Tow Truck

Established in 2010,Fast Tow Truck is a leading towing company that offers prompt, insured, and exceptional towing services in Adelaide.

tow truck adelaide

Tilt Tray

We are Adelaide’s top-notch Tilt Tray truck towing company that’s available 24 hours a day in the city.

heavy truck towing

Heavy Truck Towing

We are Adelaide’s #1 truck towing company that offers prompt tow trucking services as fast and satisfactory as you can’t imagine.

Motorcycle Towing

We are the only bike towing company in Adelaide that is available day & night rescuing bikes. Our goal is to keep the roads in Adelaide safe & sound for every motorcycle.

motorcycle towing
car towing

Car Towing

Rated #1 in Adelaide, our car towing service is something you want to write in your checklist before leaving for the journey. We have a customer-friendly booking method. Simply call us and we’ll with you within few minutes.

Machinery Towing

We offer towing services in Adelaide and to its surrounding areas at the same-old affordable rates. Efficient vehicles, qualified haulers, and punctual as always – yes that what we are.

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Emergency Accident Tow Truck

We are Adelaide’s top emergency truck towing company that offers first-class vehicle towing equipped with the latest machinery and at reasonable prices.

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