Tow Truck Services in Salisbury

Got places to be? Call us today for a towing need!

Stuck on the road with a heavy load? Not a problem as we’ve got your back. We provide safe (and very affordable) towing services in Salisbury. We have excellent, licensed drivers/haulers who not only will tow or move your vehicle, but also offer technical expertise for safe future driving. 

To your every roadside problem, we’ve got an automobile solution. Fast auto-recovery, instant Salisbury towing, and modern vehicle recovery equipment – we are always one step ahead in towing.

Welcomed in Salisbury, we have become a foremost towing business in the south-western Victoria town. Driving on highways around here can be challenging, but no need to worry as we have your back.

Regardless of what the problem you’re having on the road, we can help you. We maintain a 5-star reputation in Salisbury by offering low-cost and punctual truck towing.  

Our variety of robust fleet can tow anything. From cars, vans, ute to caravans, moving of heavy machinery, farm machinery, towing heavy-duty trucks, earthmoving equipment, and tractors.

Price has never been an object for us because our focus is set on your satisfaction. And we achieve that by offering just the towing that can cheer you up.

Here’s why Salisbury loves to tow with us

There for

Unlike any other Salisbury towing company, we will never put you to wait.

We have maintained a record of arriving at the location with 5-7 minutes and we’d like to keep it that way. No matter where you got stomped in Salisbury, you find our drivers arriving right on time.


To cover every vehicle in Salisbury, our services revolve around all kinds of towing services.

And guess what? It’s not the only best thing about us. Our team of towing experts has carefully allocated affordable pricing to all services so that you could not think of calling anyone cheaper than us, guaranteed!

You’re in safe

Insured services, licensed drivers, and experts on the job – that’s what makes us the best Salisbury heavy truck tow pals.

We do not jump straight to the solution and ask for a price. We first listen to you, understand the problem, and then offer a solution. 

Our Truck Towing Services Near You

Salisbury became the area of our service for its excellent hospitality and remarkable people. Since our day one in the town, we stay attentive every day & night to your towing requests. Our first-rate drivers/haulers are courteous, well-dressed (PPE), and polite to communicate with. 

And we are also best in:

But you need us to move things? Well, we are certainly ready and prepared for that. We provide exceptional heavy machinery moving in Salisbury at prices you’d be surprised to know. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Towing prices can vary from service to service and distance of the location. A normal tow truck for towing may cost between $100 to $200 as long as the destination is within or surrounding areas of Salisbury. For more details, please call us for a FREE quote.

Once you’re booking is good to go, we send our finest drivers to tow you out of trouble. Whether it’s moving or towing, your vehicle will then arrive at our garage for you to pick up. Or you can also tow it to your vehicle for your convenience. 

We maintain the arrival time to 5-7 minutes. Once your vehicle is rigged, our expert drivers will drive to the destination safely within 15-20 minutes (minimum if the location is within or around Salisbury). These timings are approximations calculated without traffic congestion.

Yes. The safety of our services and employees is our top priority. We are also affiliated with a few insurance companies in Salisbury. So, if you want us to send the bill over to your insurer, we’d be more than happy to do that. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands.

To make payments easier for our customers, we three feasible payment methods. You can pay us by cash, credit/debit card, and contactless payment methods (best recommend for a safety precaution). In case if you’re wondering about any hidden charges, then please know that we have no additional cost policy.

Areas that come under Salisbury’s Umbrella

Salisbury is a beautiful and one of the largest towns in Victoria. The people living here are just amazing. We want them to stay like this. To keep their moods not-so-stressy, we make sure their getting the towing services they could need while on the road.

Once you’re on board with us, you’d experience the outstanding quality truck towing accompanied by expert haulers. 

Whether you want us to tow your vehicle to your home or our garage, either way, you will not be over-charged for anything. If it’s the professional towing you seek, then you’ll get the best & professional towing service you get.

Safety Tips for

Following the laws

This may sound not-so-important or a piece of cake to some, but hundreds of drivers in Salisbury fail to follow basic driving laws. Amongst some are not using the indicators while turning, driving in the fast lane, and not using the flashers. Even if everything is going smooth, still make sure you’re on the right lawful path.

Double Check the Loading Limit

The reason why this safety tip repeats itself over and over again is that it is highly important. Most drivers fail to match the loading limit that later causes further accidents. Don’t be this driver, always check the workload limit, double-check the towing limit and loading capacity before towing any vehicle. 

Protecting yourself and others

This is a common safety tip and also common to be forgotten all the time. Be sure to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) all the time while on the towing job. Remember, a vehicle’s safety is secondary to your safety. If you’re safely equipped, only you’d be able to tow a vehicle to safety. 

Maintain the Speed

While towing a vehicle, you need to hold on to any ‘Fast-n-Furious’ fantasies. Towing trucks are driven at a minimal speed and on the far-left lane. Increase acceleration will make it difficult for you to manoeuvre towing a vehicle. Therefore, always drive safe & slow for a daily tow.