Best Motorcycle Towing Services in Adelaide

Got a flat tyre on the bike? we’ve got a solution for your ride. Introducing motorcycle towing services in Adelaide 24 hours a day. Now, you can ride bikes along with your friends without worrying about bike wreck or motorcycle breakdown. 

From transport to tow, we have services at low (pricing). We are the only bike towing company in Adelaide that is available day & night rescuing bikes. Our goal is to keep the roads in Adelaide safe & sound for every motorcycle.

Wondering if we have the correct bike know-how? Well, for that we have the best towing drivers who have a ton of motorcycle recovery knowledge. That’s why we not only will transport or tow your motorcycle but will offer guidelines to help you stay out of roadside accidents. 

But motorcycle towing is just one thing. We are also best in towing various sorts of vehicles: light, small, heavy. People love to book us to move heavy machinery and also tow other vehicles like earthmoving equipment, forklifts, farm machinery, and tractors. 

So, next, if you ever get stuck on the road with a broken-down motorcycle? Just know that we’re a few minutes away with prompt assistance.

Why you should choose to tow motorcycles with us?

No Price Hike for

Unlike any other towing business in Adelaide, we have fixed rates for all services and have no hidden charges or extra costs.

But that doesn’t stop there from treating you well. Our prices remain the same throughout the year. No price hikes during seasons, festivals, Christmas, or the new year.

Covering all the

Whether you own a Harley Davidson, derby, KTM 790, or Ducati Diavel 1260 S, we transport and tow all kinds of motorcycles.

Our expert drivers are also good riders that’s why we’re the best bike towing company because we know what we’re doing. Securing your bikes is our top-most priority.


You must be wondering that we offer so many excellent towing services we must be expensive.

But the answer is NO! We want to help you with towing not bankrupt you. The reason why we are the #1 Motorcycle towing provider is everything we do is customer-centric.

Our Motorcycle Rescue and Recovery Services Near You

Towing your motorcycle back home safely is what we do at best. We are available round the clock with prompt, best, and affordable bike rescue and towing services in Adelaide.

Unbeaten in services quality, Adelaide also books us for:

Your bike won’t start? Give us a call and we’ll send the right tow truck to the job done. QA approved, daily maintained vehicles, 24/7 operational, and licensed towing drivers. We are a specialized motorcycle towing company for all emergency roadside hitches.

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

For obvious load capacity and vehicle size reasons, motorcycle towing prices are slightly different from other services. However, the distance-to-distance (DD) calculation remains the same. An estimated bike towing price should be between $50 to 150$.

The arriving team at the incident location is approx. 5-7 minutes plus the traffic congestion (if there’s any). Once your bike is rigged or towed, it should take about 15-20 minutes (minimum) and more to reach the destination (in and around Adelaide).

Absolutely. We are a customer-oriented towing company and health is something that we put first in everything we do. From drivers to services, you will find everything licensed and insured. So, know that you’re in safe hands when you choose us for towing.

For our customers’ comfort, we accept towing payments by 1) cash 2) credit/debit card, and 3) contactless payment. All the payments are received in the safest & secure manner. Our goal is to make customer, not scare them off with complex payment methods.

We have simple and user-friendly ways of booking. Just give us a call and we’ll send our best men with modern towing vehicles to get the job done. Since accidents are never predicted, therefore, there’s no pre-booking of such services. However, you can call us to get a FREE quote. 

Areas that come under Adelaide’s Umbrella

Started from the beautiful city of Adelaide, we are now providing all types of towing services to nearby areas, towns, suburbs, and villages. Our goal is to tow every vehicle that’s left behind on the road. 

Whether it’s day or night, just know that there’s one towing company in Adelaide that will respond to your towing needs on time.

So, stop worrying about the prices (as we offer affordable towing services) and let us tow you out. Our drivers are not only qualified but educated adequately to win hearts with polite communication. Think any towing company can beat that? We don’t think so. 

Safety Tips for

Always ride on the side

This is for both the towing driver and you. Maintain a distance on the road not only from back and forth but from sides as well. A biker should always drive in the left far lane because the middle road is for heavy/light vehicles and the right far lane is for speedy or overtaking vehicles.

Good Quality Ratchet Straps

Even though automobile markets are filled with numerous types of Ratchet Straps, it is important to choose the right one. While towing a motorcycle, keep your eye on the working load limit. Find and pack the straps that are half the weight of the towed motorcycle. 

Loading Ramp

For safe and easy towing, load the motorcycle with a loading ramp to reduce effort and strain. Plus, no matter how many of you are present for the job, choose a loading ramp because it helps you load the vehicle easily and is very safe. 

All-Geared Up

This may be one of the most repetitive safety tips for towing company, but its importance is being prioritized every day. For your safety, always wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as there have been many accidents reported where the drivers were injured due to not wearing the PPE.