Machinery Towing Services in Adelaide

Forget the rest, tow with the best!

Did your heavy-duty vehicle suddenly stop? Are you moving heavy equipment from one site to another? Sounds like a perfect job for towing professionals like us. Introducing a road-centric business designed to ease the travellers, we are Adelaide’s one & only Machinery moving & towing services provider 24 hours a day. 

From experienced and licensed drivers to rapid response to towing requests, we are the guys who’ll take care of your machinery while you sit back and relax. Our professionals know how to tow or move heavy-duty equipment and heavy machinery in the safest possible manner. 

No matter how heavy the machinery you’ve got, our state-of-the-art machinery towing vehicles will get the job done within the given time frame.

To make you understand why we are the best, we have designed towing services so simple and affordable that you will want us to come every time your vehicle stops in the middle of the road. 

Don’t worry, our services encompass almost all types of vehicles. We can tow or move cars, vans, caravans, ute, forklifts, heavy machinery, heavy trucks, heavy-duty equipment, tractors, earthmoving equipment, and farm equipment. 

So, call us today for relentless and versatile towing services.

Why we are the unbeaten Machinery towing company?


Not only our drivers and services, but we also are affiliated with insurance companies.

Want us to contact your insurer? Not a problem for us. We can send invoices to your insurer or you directly if you prefer. We have feasible ways of helping people and doing business. Let’s talk on the call to discuss more towing insurance.

24 Hour Emergency

Whether you’re in a hurry to move heavy equipment out of the office or stranded on the road with a heavy-duty vehicle, we are available day & night with emergency machinery towing services with no price hike.

That’s right! We will never make money out of your problem. Our goal is to tow your vehicle, simple. 


The Experienced

Having years of professional towing experience, we know exactly what you could need to solve roadside problems.

But since we are a diverse Adelaide towing company, we’ll also come to your place and move machinery for you. We have all the necessary, operational, and up to date tools that will tow-tally help you out.

Our Heavy Machinery Towing Services Near You

To be there for the travellers for towing is something that we’ve mastered over the flourishing years. We offer towing services in Adelaide and to its surrounding areas at the same-old affordable rates. Efficient vehicles, qualified haulers, and punctual as always – yes that what we are.

But you can also know for our:

We’re on a mission daily to look for vehicles that need prompt roadside assistance. When your car betrays you on the road, think of us for a tow. We are available 24/7 with fast & safe automobile towing services.

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We have no hidden charges, extra costs, or additional prices for any of our towing services. We care more about your satisfaction than what we are being paid. To ease our customers, we ensure to charge you only for what we believe is fair for you and us. Also, there are no seasonal price hikes.

In normal scenarios, our drivers reach the incident location within 5-7 minutes and tow or move the vehicle within Adelaide in about 15-20 minutes. However, in the case of heavy machinery, it may take a little longer to move or tow than that. Heavy-duty vehicles drain power from towing vehicles and therefore, we keep the speed low (lower than normal) for safety reasons.

Since we are dealing with heavy-equipment or heavy-duty machinery, the approximated prices for towing or moving should be between $200 to $300. For a confirm prices, please call us at any time of day and night to get a FREE quote.

For our customers’ ease, we have acquired three easy, safe, and secure payment methods. You can make payment to us by 1) cash, 2) credit/debit cards, and 3) contactless payment. For security reasons, we do not accept cheques.

Generally, if a customer calls us to tow a vehicle, we tow it to our garage where it remains safe until you visit us, make a payment, and receive your car. Often, customers call us for towing and ask us to tow back to either their homes or workshops of their like. 

Areas that we cover for towing

Started in Adelaide first, we have become one of the fastest-growing towing companies in Adelaide and surrounding towns & villages. Standing alone looking for help in the middle of the night? Just give us a call and we’ll be there for towing right away. We don’t see our watch before serving you but we leave for tow keeping your satisfaction in mind. 

That’s why nearby areas to Adelaide love to book us because they know that not only, we’ll respond to their towing needs but will show up right on time. 

Wondering about the prices? Well, it’s nothing compared to what the competitors are charging.

Safety Tips for

Pay attention to the noises

When towing or moving heavy machinery, keep your ears wide & open to hear noises incoming from the vehicle. In case, if you hear loud sudden noises, then stop & inspect as it could be caused by various reasons. Some of them are machinery not strapped well, loose cables, loosen tow bar, unbalanced rigging, or maybe a flat tyre. 

Smoke from the hood

Nothing scares the drivers more than seeing smoke appearing from the vehicle. Normally, smoke comes out of the hood if there’s something wrong. Either way, stop aside and find where it is coming from. In most cases, the smokes come after failing of the cooling system. 

Bumpy Steering

You’re towing on a smooth road but can feel shaking in the steering wheel. Now every driver on earth knows (or at least they should) that if the steering has shaky-vibration, then either there’s a flat tyre or unbalanced wheel. This is the most important and dangerous part. Stop at once if you feel any of this on your way.

Inspect Vehicle’s capabilities

Again, this points to a number of things including but not limited to the working load limit, load capacity, and towing capacity. Make sure the vehicle you’re driving to tow heavy machinery is capable of doing the job efficiently. Check the specs of the vehicle and complete the towing accordingly.