Tow Truck Services in Lonsdale

We can tow all kinds of trucks from anywhere in Lonsdale at any time.

Your vehicle is dead and you’re miles away from help? We can TOW-tally relate to that situation and have just the service you need. We are Lonsdale’s leading truck towing professionals that offer remarkable and punctual roadside towing assistance.

We have expert & qualified drivers who know the inside-out of towing. 

Quick in service, we are winning hearts in Lonsdale by offering low-cost, competent, and quality automobile towing services. Our goal is simple – we want to help out every traveller who’s looking for a safe towing home. 

But we don’t limit our services to specific vehicle types. Whether you’re driving a light car, van, caravan, or a heavy truck that broke down, we’ll always be just one call away. 

Covering the surrounding areas of Lonsdale as well, we want to make sure that you’re having a safe journey to destination without encountering any roadside problem. Hit a pavement? Got a flat tire? The engine stopped? we’ll be getting to move you ahead without wasting your time. 

To make towing easier & more accessible, we utilize up-to-date towing machinery and tow all kinds of vehicles such as forklifts, tractors, move heavy machinery, earth moving equipment, and all types of farm machinery.

Why Lonsdale love to Tow Trucks with us?


Wondering who’s going to tow your vehicle? Only professionals if you’re towing with us.

The best thing about our services is that we only have skilled and qualified drivers who have mastered the towing etiquettes. Our drivers tow by passion and ensure to give their 100% while on the duty. 

Money Spent

We don’t just tow trucks or other vehicles to get paid.

We are on a mission to serve 24/7 in Lonsdale and everyone on the road stays out of roadside troubles. This is why we have allocated reasonable towing prices to all our services so that you know who to call if your car breaks down. 

Insured All

Customers with us can have a sigh of relief because all our truck towing services are insured.

But not only that, all our drivers and other staff are also covered too. With that on hand, we focus on quality service and find suitable towing solutions that befit your budget. 

Our Truck Towing Services Near You

We are leading the roads in Lonsdale and nearby areas with state-of-the-art truck towing services. We arrive to tow you out and not to waste your time because we understand that stranded on the road with a broken car has already done the damage. 

We are a simple vehicle roadside towing company. We deliver:

Prompt and to the point, that what our services are all about. We are available 24/7 and serve the people of Lonsdale. So, whether it’s day or night, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

For automobiles with automatic transmission, we use a Flatbed tow truck as it is best, safe, and manufacture recommended.

If the tow destination is within and outskirts of Lonsdale, then it should take minimum of 15-20 minutes and more depending upon the traffic congestion (if there’s any).

Yes. We have exemplary drivers on board who know how to tackle these situations. We have excellent lockout assistance tools and the latest towing machinery that’ll serve you best for the purpose.

In Lonsdale, travellers mostly encounter a flat tyre, combusted engine, and accidents (God forbid). Regardless of the vehicle type, we provide fast truck towing services along with heavy and light auto towing, moving heavy machinery, farm machinery, and forklifts. 

The price of towing trucks in Lonsdale is directly proportional to the distance and type of vehicle. Light vehicle towing to a small distance will relatively cost you less and vice versa. An estimated towing price should lie between $100 to $200 (approximation). For free quote, please call us today. 

Areas that come under Lonsdale's Umbrella

We not only are available for towing in Lonsdale but cover the entire surrounding area of the suburb:

Safety Tips for

Know before you Tow

A good driver always keeps the towing vehicle up and ready. For that, routine maintenance plays a pivotal to ensure maximum safety. Checking the oil levels, braking system, brake fluid, changing filters, exhaust system, cables, and operating suspension system, should be must-check items on your list.

No Hasty Driving

You’re driving a tow truck with a rigged vehicle and not Fort Mustang GT in NASCAR. Driving at minimal speed, careful vehicle turning, and firmly using the brakes while towing will do a job well done. Also, do not overtake slow vehicles even though it’s annoying but not recommended. Maintaining road safety should be your top priority.

Pack the right tools

What if the vehicle you’re towing met an accident? It’s best to know in times like these. Extra pair of tools may help you ease out things. Also, if you already have a tool box (which you should), then check it contains all the necessary tools in it. A good driver always leaves for towing prepared. 

Well Equipped

All the roadway workers are, by law, required to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). It not only keeps you safe but everyone around you as well. Always put-on preventive shoes, gloves, and a hard hat to be on the safe side. Also, gently place cable clasps and make sure the cables are of good quality.