How Much It Costs A Tow Truck Towing Service In Adelaide?

Roadside accidents are never predicted unless you’re a careful driver who never looks back to his vehicle for maintenance. It becomes a headache if you’re not aware of towing norms or unable to call for it due to budgetary reasons. 


But it happened and now you’re stranded on the road. Now what? 

First, answer this. What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when your car breaks down the road? Is it:

“how did that happen?”;

“what am I going to do now?”;

or maybe this “I don’t have the time and money for it”.

The first thing to do after a car breakdown is to stay calm and get a hold of yourself. Panicking won’t rain down any help.

Now the next step is to call a tow truck and wait for them to arrive.  

In this blog, we’ll be discussing the pricing for tow trucks in Adelaide and what you can do to minimize the tow costs. So, let’s jump right in.

Choosing the right company

This may seem to you as one of the easiest parts of being towed, but trust me it can gobble up your mind. How? You may ask. Well, Adelaide is a beautiful city occupied by preeminent residents. It is also home to several towing companies but not all of them provide up-to-the-mark towing services.  

And you know why? Because most of them are about making money not making customers. 

This is why call the tow company that offers cheap towing and arrives within the given time.

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Calculating the tow-cost

Now, the next question that I know is pinching you since your car stopped. The cost of towing a vehicle depends upon few things that are 1) tow distance and 2) type of towing.

Let’s understand this first.

Suppose your car broke down or you met an accident on any road in Adelaide. You called the tow company, they arrived, rigged the vehicle, and towed it away. 

The estimated distance-based pricing (from Cost Helper) for a tow in Adelaide are:

  • $40-$125 for 5 miles or; and
  • $100 to $200 for 30 miles

Also, keep in mind that there are also base charges and hook-up charges. Some tow businesses in Adelaide add these charges along with towing one – if you get to know about it, then don’t call the company that has such a pricing structure.  

If that calculation seems quite a work to you, then use the help of Google or call us for a fixed & affordable towing quote. 

With us, the first 5 miles are on the house. And we have no extra towing charges.

Insurance makes things easy . . . or do they?

If you have car insurance, then all this tow-cost discussion does not matter. Also, don’t get too excited right away because you need to check whether the document you signed while insuring your car for accidents has somewhere written roadside assistance. 

If it does, then worrying about towing prices should be the last thing in your mind.

In case of an accident, the towing cost will be adjusted in the claim cost. Therefore, go through your car insurance comprehensively and know where you stand. 

**Bonus Tip** We not only provide towing and moving services in Adelaide but our staff is quite good at communicating with insurance companies. So, tow with us and you’ll see the difference. 

But there’s something that may cost you

All things apart, if you met an accident, then that rolls out the towing price. Because then you’d be needing a moving or recovery vehicle service. So, if you’re insured, the moving cost will be covered in it. If not, then don’t worry as we’ve got it all under control in Adelaide. 

Just name the location and we’ll be there. 

Have a little tolerance

Price hike or not? Don’t let wallet do the talking. At times, customers argue with the towing company over a penny just because they think they’re unfairly billed. It may seem to fit in so many cases but there are few where it doesn’t.

For example, if we are providing you a towing service at a reasonable price without any extra cost, then we’d expect customers to pay us for that. 

The point is, prices may not become an object if the towing is done well. Compliance is giving quite a hype to towing businesses in Adelaide these days.

So, do not bargain to save few bucks over a tow if the towing company did their best. 

Call us today if you’re looking to get a FREE quote for towing services in Adelaide.

A quick tip . . . always compare prices if you have the time for it. Otherwise, getting out of trouble should be the utmost priority.

Do this to be on the safe side

Most accidents reported in Adelaide are due to flat tyre, the engine heats up or failure, brake fails, or an accident. Drivers need to keep their vehicles in-check and up-to-date. Visit your mechanic every week if you travel by car frequently. Or a complete monthly inspection of your vehicle is mandatory.

Before travelling, just itsy-bitsy things like brakes, oil level, regulator, fuel, spare tyre, battery. It’ll only take 5 or 10 mins but these mins can worth a lot.

Did you know?

You can get instant tow trucks for towing and moving at lowest affordable prices you can in Adelaide. We are available 24 hours a day with prompt roadside assistance, motorcycle towing, farm equipment moving, heavy machinery moving, car towing, heavy truck towing and Emergency, Accident truck towing. 

And yes, the answer to your “How much does it cost to tow in Adelaide” is $100 to $200 depending on the distance and type of roadside assistance you need. 

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