Heavy Truck & Vehicles Towing Services in Adelaide

Save Bucks on Our Towing Trucks!

Annoyed because your truck broke down and you’re stuck? Good news! We are Adelaide’s #1 truck towing company that offers prompt tow trucking services as fast and satisfactory as you can’t imagine. We have up to date and competent vehicle recovery equipment ready at your service.

Providing 24/7 towing services, we are in charge of offering quick assistance to cars, heavy trucks, and motorcycles that are unable to move ahead due to any technical reasons. With low prices, qualified drivers, and auto-recovery solutions, we make sure your wheels are always safe on the move.

With record-breaking reach time, our drivers are just minutes away to help if you ever hit a pavement or your truck stopped out in nowhere. Don’t worry, all the services we offer are approved and insured. 

We tow vehicles, not your wallet – that is why we achieve 100% customer satisfaction on every job.  

But pricing is just a tiny part that makes us the best. We have acquired the latest towing machinery that enables us to beat everyone else in Adelaide. From moving heavy farm machinery earthmoving equipment to towing forklifts, van, caravan, Ute tractors, and heavy trucks, we’ll get you moving in no time.

Why the people of Adelaide love to tow with us?


Since we’re available round the clock with first-rate towing services, reaching you in and around Adelaide won’t be a problem for us.

Once you’re booked, our expert drivers reach the towing location within few minutes. Yes! that’s how fast our towing trucks reach. Call us today and see for yourself.


If there’s one that concerns us the most – it’s the safety of our customers and drivers.

Amongst the things that make us a leading towing company in Adelaide is that we make that our drivers are PPE dressed and have all the necessary tools before arriving at the towing locations. 


The moment you called us for a tow, we understand that you’re already stressed out about the situation.

That’s why we have heavy truck towing services so low-priced that you’ll ask us twice. Our goal is to make sure you get the necessary roadside assistance and towing at prices within your budget. Now that’s called fair pricing! 

Our Adelaide Heavy Truck Towing Services Near You

Operational 24 hours a week, we are the heavy truck towing company that never sleeps. Drivers stay ahead of the ETA so that you get the best towing service you deserve. No hidden charges, no extra miles added in the journey, we provide towing to satisfy you and not make money out of your roadside incidents. 

We provide exemplary:

You may be wondering why our services are so low-cost. Well, that’s because we don’t want you to look at your wallet before calling us for help. We are a simple and leading heavy truck tow company; you call us for a tow and we will be there to help.

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices depend upon the type of service you need and the location to be towed or moved to. If you’re heading within the Adelaide premises, then the estimated prices should be between $100 to $200. Or it can be less if the distance is just a few miles away.

Our expert drivers have a record-breaking arriving time. Once you’re booked for towing, our drivers will show up at the provided location within 5-7 minutes and tow you home in 15-20 minutes (minimum) and more. Don’t worry, we will never put you to wait for us.

Yes. Getting insurance for our drivers and services was the first thing we did. Why? Because we want you to know that you’re in safe hands when you call us for roadside assistance and heavy truck towing in Adelaide. We’re a government registered truck towing company.

You can cancel your Truck Tow booking at any time except only before our drivers leave for towing. However, the cancellation charges are not Mount-Everest. It’s a small price (very little) that you may have to pay. If you don’t want to pay us that, just call us. We’ll understand.

We currently have three excellent, safe, and secure payment methods. 1) Cash, 2) Credit/Debit Card, and 3) Contactless Payments. In case, if you’re having trouble paying us for the services, please feel free to call us and we’ll sort something out. Pricing may not be an object if our services have brought a smile to your face.

What areas do we service?

Present-day and night in Adelaide, we happily expand our services to the surrounding suburbs and other areas near Adelaide. Your car broke down in the outskirts, we’ll be there to tow you out. 

One of the reasons why people love to call us for towing is that we have experienced drivers who not only tow vehicles but offer roadside guidance to keep you safe on the road. 

Don’t believe us? Call us today for a FREE quote and you’ll see the difference in pricing and towing quality.

Safety Tips for

Right Tools for the Right Job

Often drivers arrive for towing with equipment that was not needed. It’s recommended to first inquire a little about the problem before leaving and pack an extra set of tools just to be on the safe side. *Bonus*: A professional drivers always have all the necessary tools in his towing trucks.

Focus on the Cables

Many incidents occurred around the country where customers complained that their car while being towed, detached from the towing vehicle. The best thing to do in these situations is to ensure that all the cables are not tangled, have no outward wedges, or lose spirals. 

Memorize the Routes

A driver lost his way to the destination and now he needs help. Don’t be this guy! Towing a truck not only requires vehicle assistance but you should also know the inside-out of the city to play the mental game. Because one bad move at this point (after the vehicle is rigged) can scare the customers away.

Check the Brakes

Brake failure, faulty truck brakes, or a poor brake system causes several accidents. This happens due to two reasons: 1) negligence of the driver to check the vehicle before towing and 2) negligence of the driver to keep up the brake maintenance. Either way, the brakeless vehicle (small, heavy, light, etc.) can endanger the roads.