Most frequent questions and answers

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with the best and affordable towing services for you. If you’re wondering about our working hours during festivals and events, then know that the hours may slightly change but that doesn’t mean we won’t respond to your towing requests. 

Our focus is set on making the roads accident-free and for that, we make sure we are on the job day & night.

There are several towing methods and practices that we, at times, utilize according to the need. Generally, the most convenient, safe, and easy towing method is the ‘Flatbed Tow’ or ‘Tilt Tray Tow’. However, there’s also Wheel-lift tow, Frame-lift tow, Boom Tow trucks (best used for vehicle recovery).

We tow, recover, and move all kinds of vehicles (light and heavy), motorcycle, heavy machinery, and heavy equipment.

We first arrive at the location, assess the situation, and then proceed with the correct automobile solution.

We have a wide range of standard towing equipment that comes with the manufacturer’s manual/guidelines. With this, we ensure to leave for towing that suits best for your vehicle for towing or moving.

However, in some cases, customers consult and enlighten us about their vehicle’s proper protocols. Now, this helps us choose the perfect towing vehicle. 

In case if you’re wondering about ‘All-Wheel-Drive’ or 4WD vehicle, then we follow the same standard towing instruction for it.

Yes. All the haulers/drivers we have on board are already experienced, licensed, and insured. We just provide necessary training to them that mainly include communication, turn-driving, tow driving etiquette, and conduct how-to sessions that are PPE, safety tips, troubleshooting, and dilemma decision making. 

The aforesaid training sessions are necessary to freshen up the knowledge of new and existing drivers. We also conduct sessions on new technology & automobile innovations to catch up with the latest towing trends.

No, if you’re towing with us. We send our best of the best drivers on towing jobs where we feel that either the vehicle is sensitive or the towing requires a little extra effort. Generally, our professional drivers make sure that towing is done by keeping your vehicle safe. Ensuring tow bar or tow straps are properly clasped or the vehicle is carefully rigged onto the towing vehicle without damage. 

In an unlikely event, if a vehicle gets damaged by our driver while towing (which will never happen), then know that our services are insured.

Of course, we can. We are best known for our towing and moving services in the area. As for moving, we can move heavy or light vehicles, machinery, farm equipment, tractors, earthmoving equipment, any heavy object that you think will require professionals like us to move.

The best part about our moving services is that similar to towing, you can call us for moving 24 hours a day at any time on any day. Call us today to get a FREE quote.

First of all, don’t panic, get a good hold of yourself and other travellers and do the following:

  • Move your car aside while you can
  • Get out of the vehicle along with others
  • Call the ambulance if you or any one of the travellers is injured
  • If you had an accident with another car, then gather that vehicle’s information such as license plate number, car type, model, colour, insurance information, etc.
  • Call the police and report the accident by providing the aforementioned information
  • If you haven’t had an accident with another vehicle and no one is injured, then call us for towing or moving
  • Once called, our drivers will show up within minutes and will tow your vehicle to safety

Remember to move your car aside to save it (and yourself) from oncoming traffic. This is important because most travellers leave the vehicle in the middle of the road which then becomes the cause of more roadside accidents.

Once you choose us for towing or moving, we generally head back to our workshop/garage with your vehicle. However, if you want your car to be towed or moved to your place, then we’d be more than happy to do that.

Also, you can come with us as we may need you for necessary information reasons. Or you can come back at any time to collect your vehicle. Our goal is not only to tow you out of trouble but also to make payment & receive the vehicle easily.