Emergency and Accident Tow Truck Adelaide – Vehicle Recovery

Let’s tow you ahead to safety

You’ve met an accident? Don’t worry, we’re on our way with the maximum. We are Adelaide’s top emergency truck towing company that offers first-class vehicle towing equipped with the latest machinery and at reasonable prices. 

With qualified drivers, we ensure to provide guidelines with technical assistance so that you could avoid breakdowns and wrecks on the road.

Looking after the roads of Adelaide, we are available 24 hours a day with automobile recovery solutions to every roadside problem. Whether you had an accident or your vehicle stopped and you’re clueless about what to do, this is where the best tow truck company in Adelaide comes in.

We provide state-of-the-art emergency truck towing in Adelaide. To bring peace to your mind, we have all the towing services that you can think of. From moving heavy machinery farm machinery to towing of cars, ute, van, caravan, heavy trucks, earthmoving equipment, forklifts, and tractors.

Apart from these outstanding services, there’s a catch . . . and that’s our pricing and punctuality. Regardless of time & location, you will find us on the job right on time. No hidden charges for towing, no extra costs of technical assistance, just the quoted price and a smile. 

Why are we the best emergency towing company in Adelaide?


You were travelling with family and your car got crashed? We are Adelaide’s leading car towing and wrecks company with a stellar reputation.

Our latest tilt tow trucks will tow or transport your vehicle to safety within few minutes. Our drivers have a rule and they wear it every day to every job that is – safety first, payment later.

Large Towing

One of the best things about our towing services is that customers get a variety of towing services.

It enables them to explore towing options based on pricing, quality, towing capacity, etc. And guess what? All the services have fixed rates, therefore, there’s no room for additional charges.

Right Around the

Driving at night or out of station can become rough, especially if you’re not carrying the necessary tools.

But that’s not much of an issue because we’ve got your back. We are available 24/7 in Adelaide with our eyes wide open and set on the roads. We won’t let you stand in the middle of the road without any help. 


Emergency Truck Towing Services Near You

As near as you think, we will be there every time you need us on the road. Ran out of gas? Did the tyre burst out? Met an accident? Don’t worry, we are best known for towing in such situations. When we say we’re fast and affordable, we mean it. And we prove it by reaching the incident spot on time.

To make our services more sense, we offer:

Thanks to our customers, we are growing bigger and better every day. Encompassing almost the entire umbrella of towing, we want the people of Adelaide to travel safely knowing that we’ve got their backs. 

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we’re a customer-oriented towing company, each of our services is allocated at affordable towing prices. From moving to towing, you will get competitive rates for services. There is no price hike, fixed rates 365 days.

Once you’ve called us for towing, our drivers will try their level best to reach the spot within 5-7 minutes. After rigging your vehicle, it should take about 15-20 minutes (minimum) and more to reach your destination within Adelaide.

Yes. And not only our services but drivers as well. We are a law-abiding Adelaide towing company and we make sure customers and everyone on board remains safe & sound. Our towing services are also insured up to the level of satisfaction. 

If your vehicle broke down in Adelaide or surrounding areas and the destination is also the same location, then towing you out of trouble should cost between $100 to $200 (estimated). Our towing rates are calculated based on services requested plus distance to destination.

Yes. We are a thriving towing company and we accept payment by 1) cash, 2) credit/debit cards, and 3) contactless payments. To ease our customers, we offer a free quotation. So, feel free to call us any time and get an estimate of our towing services.

What areas do we service?

Serving the preeminent citizens of Adelaide since day one, we are the towing company that scared off all the expensive ones. That’s right! All the tow truck services we offer will come within your budget.

But the city is not our limit as we also cover the surrounding areas of Adelaide with accident truck towing services. Need technical guidance? We can do that too. Just drop a call to us and we’ll make to provide you best, necessary guidelines for your travelling.

We don’t just say that we’ll show up if you met an accident or emergency, we prove it by ensuring that you get the prompt, safe service you expected from us.

Safety Tips for

Up to date maintenance

Towing vehicles can be stressful and it can get messier if towing doesn’t go your way. For starters, ensure your towing vehicle is up and ready for the job. Check the brakes, tyres, fluids, oil, towing system, cables, tow bar, and other necessary tools you could think of. 

Load an extra fuel tank

This is a must-do thing to do, especially if you’re heading for towing and not sure about the destination. Often towing drivers end up calling another tow truck for a fuel tank. Don’t be this driver. Always make sure you have an extra fuel tank on the vehicle in case if you’re heading outside the area.

Know your vehicle

A best towing driver is someone who has memorized and mastered his towing vehicle. For sure, you don’t want to end up like a driver who is stuck somewhere and does not know what to do. Go through the manufacturer’s manual and be aware of the load limit, capacity, tow bar & cables strain, and towing capacity.

Adjust the brakes

Brakes and load are the two things that you’d be keeping an eye on amongst other things. How? Well, many vehicles have electric brakes or hydraulic brakes. A driver needs to adjust the brakes according to the load’s weight. If the load is heavy, a sudden brake may drift the load off the back of the vehicle, therefore, apply brakes slowly.