Case Study 1

Client: Gerald Copper

Challenge: Breakdown Towing + Flat Tyre

Car: Chevrolet Trax Premier 2019

Mr Copper runs a small-scale IT business in Adelaide and offers pioneering digital solutions. He was heading back home from work last Wednesday his car hit the pavement and stopped in the middle of the road. Upon investigating, he also got know that he had a rear flat tyre.

He approached us for technical assistance and we sent our best to get the job well done. Our drivers found out the following issues:

  • A faulty batter
  • Damaged tyre (after when it hit the pavement the rim penetrated the wheel)
  • Troubled Alternator (since it wasn’t working fine, it didn’t charge the battery well)

Our expert driver-cum-mechanic fixed alternator and check if the battery is charging up. These two issues were interlinked that is why one fixed the other. Also, the battery wire replaced with the ones with a good conductor. The flat tyre was instantly replaced with the spare tyre. 

However, there was another issue in the clutch cables for that we towed the vehicle to our workshop. 

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said Mr Copper when we fixed the minor issues & rigged the vehicle for a tow for the major ones.

Client’s remarks:

“If you want a timely tow, call this company. I never knew a towing company can also be expert mechanics. Price was within my budget. I just called them and they arrived in like minutes or so and got my vehicle towed in no time. Was amazed to see such an efficient work”

Case # 2

Client: Amy Gregory

Challenge: Multiple punctures + No spare tyre + Engine heat up

Car: Volkswagen Jetta 2018

Ms Gregory is a beautician, fashion designer and a cosmetic expert. She’s best known as one of the ‘best style mentor’ in South Australia. On one of the cold mornings of November, she chose to drive via a detour to the office and instantly regrated the decision. Her car hit sharp glass objects that on a bumpy road that caused punctures in three different tyres. Also, the two tyres were worn out. 

She instantly called us for help and our drivers arrived at the location within 5 minutes. Here’s what our drivers found out wrong during the first inspection:

  • Tyres were so worn out that small pieces of glass penetrated the wheel
  • The engine was heated up like a hot lava
  • There was no spare tyre

Our drivers first moved the car aside. Our drivers first counted the number of flat tyres and got to know that there is no spare tyre. Even if there was, it wouldn’t have been enough. Furthermore, the engine was so heated up because the regulator was not working properly. It was a minor issue but a delayed one.

“When the drivers were telling me what’s wrong, I felt guilty for not going for monthly maintenance,” said Ms Gregory when our drivers explained the technical issues and then rigged the vehicle for a tow.

Client’s remarks:

“I gotta say, I never thought I’d be in a situation where I have to call a towing company for help. But I did and I’m glad I chose these folks. The timings are just perfect. Drivers completed the towing within 10 minutes. Best part is their pricing, it was not what I had in mind but wanted it to be. Thanks.”