Fast Car Towing Services in Adelaide

Towing you out when you need it the most!

Your car’s battery died and you’ve got places to be? Introducing the best, cheap, and excellent Adelaide car towing services. No matter what the problem is, our drivers are ever ready to offer prompt auto-recovery solutions. Yes! We’re the guys you can trust if you ever need roadside towing assistance. 

First in-line, we are the only towing company in Adelaide that delivers speedy, reasonable, and expert services in the city. Since day one, our goal is one – offer low-cost towing services to everyone in Adelaide.

Our expert and licensed drivers know how to complete a job well done. Wondering about the prices? You’d be surprised to know about it. We have carefully allocated the lowest towing rates so that you could call us every time you need a tow.

We make long-lasting customers. So, every towing’s feedback is important to us. It helps us tow to right for the future.

Present on every road in Adelaide, we have added almost every type of towing to our list. From moving heavy machinery to towing forklifts, farm machinery, tractors, earthmoving equipment heavy trucks, and vehicles such as cars, Ute, van, and caravan, we are just one call away for a tow.

What makes us a standout car towing company?

Towing safely

What’s the point of having a tow if it can’t be done on time, right? Well, that’s we stay a few miles ahead.

We ensure that travellers in Adelaide are safely heading towards their destination and stay responsive if they undergo any incident on their way home. We’re, to date, unbeaten in punctuality.


We only have the latest and up-to-date towing equipment because we don’t take risks while towing your vehicle to safety.

For this, we make sure all the towing machinery we have on board is operational. As for the drivers, you will find them polite, helpful and skilled as always.

Towing you

Towing a vehicle is not just a job but art and we sure have mastered it thanks to all the amazing feedback we get every day.

Regardless of where your home is in or around Adelaide, we’ll tow your vehicle safely to your destination. And guess what? There are no hidden charges. 

Our Adelaide Car Towing Services Near You

Rated #1 in Adelaide, our car towing service is something you want to write in your checklist before leaving for the journey. We have a customer-friendly booking method. Simply call us and we’ll with you within few minutes.

And that’s not even the best part yet as we also offer:

We are on a mission of providing Adelaide with the top quality, inexpensive towing services 24 hours a day. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, you can call from anywhere in Adelaide at any time. We are proud to be the leading customer-oriented towing business that you can rely on. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our car towing services prices vary depending on the type of service you need plus the destination. For instance, you wish to towed back to home around Adelaide, then the towing cost should be between $100 to $200 (estimation). Or it can cost less if the distance is not much. 

For traveller’s ease, we have carefully come up with services that serve the roadside assistance purpose. We offer heavy truck towing, car, van, ute, caravan towing, forklift, earthmoving equipment towing and moving of farm machinery, heavy machinery, and tractors. 

As soon as you book us for a tow, our first-class drivers will arrive at the towing location within 5-7 minutes. Once your vehicle is rigged, it should take about 15-20 minutes (minimum) and more to reach the destination (in and around Adelaide). 

Yes. We have simple booking and payment methods that allow our customers to easily pay for our services. We accept payment by 1) Cash, 2) Credit/Debit Card, and 3) Contactless payment methods. To get a rough estimate of towing, please call us today for a FREE quote.

We first make sure that the towing vehicle we’re sending is capable of completing the job without any hassle. If the load capacity exceeds, then our expert drivers reduce the load or brainstorm the situation to find the best possible solution. Meanwhile, our goal remains the same, that is the safety of your vehicle. 

What areas do we service?

Covering all the ins and outs, we provide our car truck towing services to everyone in Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs. To pace things up, our expert tow truck drivers stay ready and equipped for jobs. Why? Because we don’t want you to wait for us with your car all broken down. 

Since we’re a customer-centric company, we let you do the talking so that we could understand and help you out. For us, your peace of mind is more important than making money out of your stress. 

So, now you know who to call next time when you hit a bumpy road.

Safety Tips for

Check your tyres

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you’re on your way to tow and the tyre of towing vehicle bursts? To avoid this, first, inspect the tyres and check the level of air (if you have the gear). If you think the tyres are low, then fill them up, and don’t forget to check the spare tyre (or Stepney) as well.

Light up the Vehicle

This is very important. Ensure tail lights and marker lamps are working fine. Many accidents occur at night due to less visible or dead lights. So, if you don’t want to be amongst the drivers who neglected the lights, then be sure to inspect them out before leaving for towing. 

Driver’s Safety

Before assuring safety to the customer, it is pivotal to save yourself first. And by that, it means a driver must equip himself with the latest PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), protective gloves, hard hat, and protective shoes. Also, don’t forget to wear the illuminated vest as authorized by the government.

Stayin’ in the limits

Not only is it important, but it is a crucial part of car towing safety. Once you have properly positioned the car/cargo, go through the load and towing capacity of the vehicle. If the limit exceeds the manufacturer’s rating, then offload a few loads or enquire first and leave with for towing with a bigger towing vehicle.