About Us

Established in 2010, Fast Tow Truck Adelaide is a leading towing company that offers prompt, insured, and exceptional towing services in Adelaide, Campbelltown, Wingfield, Lonsdale, Hamilton, and cover all its surrounding suburbs.

Towing for over 10 years, we have an unbeaten record in timekeeping and proficiency by offering affordable automobile and vehicle recovery solutions. 

We are presently booming as one of the ‘Top Towing Business’ providing reasonable hauling in most of South Australia, offering exemplary towing & moving services with guaranteed satisfaction. 

To shape the towing future for betterment, we have dedicated our automobile recovery passion just to serve our customers. We are the ones that work together across boundaries to help out stranded travellers with broken down cars on the road.


  • Our mission is to create hassle-free towing services for our customers by offering pioneering vehicle solutions with expert technical and tactical approaches.
  • Our mission is to develop content towing services to soothe our customers’ budget by providing easy-to-book and accessible booking & payment procedures.
  • Our mission is to make towing services available 24 hours a day to people in our operational areas by establishing a perfect-perfect towing & recovery setting.


  • Our vision is innovative – We want to establish a towing business for our customers that enable them to travel without fearing vehicle breakdown. 
  • Our vision is a commitment – We want to become the towing company that you can rely upon to get the uppermost level towing services you deserve. 
  • Our vision is affordable – We want to reinvent the vehicle towing system to a level that it becomes feasible for you to tow your vehicle to safety.


  • A Road to Tow: We provide competitive, punctual, and professional towing services that allow us to stay ahead in the market and other facets of our business.
  • Expert in Comfort: We respond to every towing need in the area with speedy service presented by skilled haulers who are great listeners and towing experts.
  • Exemplary for Free: We strive to minimize accidents and unexpected stoppage of vehicles on the roads by contributing to the local communities with towing solutions.

What we stand for


To provide our customers with a premium experience, we ensure that all our towing offers and drivers onboard are delivering outstanding and unsurpassed services at prices you are promised when you first called us for a tow.

To maintain the highest standards for our customers, we first assure that every service in our towing family comes with insurance, well-dressed drivers, and a few exclusive towing benefits to please our awesome customers. 

We just don’t come and tow your vehicle for money – we go above-and-beyond to fix your towing need.


To ensure our customers when they need a tow that we’ll be there no matter the traffic congestion, time, and area. A towing company such as ours does not need to look at the clock before picking up your towing call.

Showing up right on time as promised is what our drivers are best at – followed by an excellent, safe vehicle towing. To sum up, we are right around the corner of every street, road whenever you need a tow. 

Think anyone could beat that? Not a chance. Thanks to our customers, we are towing the roads for good.


Polite, calm, expert and co-operative – our drivers know how to achieve 100% satisfaction on every towing job. We support and seek ethical ways to tow a truck. We stand by our vision & mission–and guarantee customers that they’re in safe hands.

Our methods & towing practices are unique in the way that people love to tow their vehicles with us. We win hearts with our interpersonal skills and technical knowledge. Your approval of our services is our utmost priority.

Not sure where to go? Just call us today and we’ll be there for a tow. 


Bringing affordability to our customers is what defines our towing services. Ran out cash? We accept credit/debit cards at your ease. Forgot the wallet at home? We can all relate to that. The thing that we set our eyes on while towing customers off the road is to keep our services under their budget.

For this, we already ensure you only get services that please your wallet and bring a smile to your face. For our customers’ peace-of-mind, we have allocated rates that are not too much and not too little but stay somewhere in the middle.

Want to know about the pricing of a tow? Calls us today and get a FREE quote.